Sunak pledges to combat the deeply disturbing issue of antisemitism and increases financial support for the security of the Jewish community


Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister, has pledged to combat the alarming rise in antisemitism by allocating an additional £54 million ($68 million) over the next four years to enhance the security of the Jewish community. This announcement comes in response to a surge in anti-Jewish hatred following the October 7 Hamas assault. During a speech at the annual dinner of the Community Security Trust, Sunak expressed his dismay at the recent incidents of prejudice and racism, emphasizing the government’s commitment to fight against antisemitism with all available resources.

The Community Security Trust (CST), which provides security advice to the UK’s approximately 280,000 Jews, reported a significant increase in antisemitic incidents in 2023, making it the worst year for UK antisemitism since record-keeping began in 1984. In response to this, the government had already granted £18 million ($23 million) for the year 2024-25, bringing the total funding for CST up to £70 million ($88.6 million) until 2028.

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