From Ukraine to the nuclear threat, touching upon family matters. Putin’s Speech

Russian President addressed the State of the Nation, covering topics such as the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine and stated that NATO “is preparing to attack” Russian territory. However, he cautioned, “We also have weapons.” Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Thursday that the country has managed to “prove that it is capable of responding to the most challenging challenges” and warned that an attack by NATO “could effectively trigger the use of nuclear weapons.” “We can only achieve all our plans together. We have proven that Russia is capable of responding to the most challenging challenges,” he said in a State of the Nation speech, quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency.

Putin also referred to the so-called “special military operation” carried out in Ukraine, which, according to the president, received “overwhelming support” from the Russian population.

Over the past two years, “Russian companies have sent billions of rubles” to support the military, making it “a contribution to the overall victory.”

Putin assured that the “institutions of democracy in Russia” will be “even more” developed. And he emphasized, “We will not allow anyone to interfere in our internal affairs.”

Taking jabs at the West, which he said needs “a space of fading and death,” the Russian president stated that Western leaders “miscalculated when faced with the determination of the Russian people.”

“Representatives of different ethnic groups, cultures, and religions have proven in practice that the unity of our people is a colossal and conquering force,” he emphasized.

The Russian president highlighted that the country will “remember its fallen heroes” and announced a minute of silence in honor of soldiers killed in combat.

After the tribute, Putin stated that the Russian army is advancing “confidently” on various fronts in Ukraine, and Russia is “defending its sovereignty and security and protecting our compatriots.”

The president stressed that Moscow will do everything possible to end the conflict in Ukraine and eradicate Nazism in the neighboring country, but he reminded that “Russia did not start the war.”

“It was not Russia that started the war in Donbass, but we will do everything to end it, eradicate Nazism, and achieve the goals of the special military operation,” he emphasized.

NATO “is preparing to attack” Russian territory

Putin considered claims that Russia intends to attack Europe absurd and stated that the “West has provoked a conflict in Ukraine, the Middle East, and other regions of the world and continues to lie.”

“Now, without any embarrassment, they say that Russia intends to attack Europe. You and I understand that they are talking nonsense,” Putin said.

Putin asserted that the transatlantic alliance NATO “is preparing to attack” Russian territory and will use “the best and most effective forces” to do so.

“But we remember the fate of those who tried to invade our territory, and of course, their fate will be much more tragic than anything we may face,” he said.

“They have to understand that we also have weapons. Weapons that can defeat them on their own territory, and of course, all this is very dangerous because it can effectively trigger the use of nuclear weapons. Don’t they understand that?” he questioned, adding that “strategic nuclear forces are on alert.”

“Families with many children must become the norm”

Regarding the state of Russia, Putin emphasized that one of the country’s goals is to increase the birth rate, which, in the next six years, should achieve “sustainable growth.”

“Families with many children must become the norm,” he advocated, thanking local authorities already implementing support programs for families with children.

Putin admitted that poverty affects 13 million people in Russia, and low incomes are one of the country’s most serious problems. According to the president, 30% of large families suffer from poverty, with poverty alleviation being one of his priorities.

“We need to constantly work to improve the quality of life for families with children and support the birth rate. For this, we will launch a new national project called ‘Family,'” he stated.

The Kremlin chief proposed to lawmakers that the mortgage support program for large families be extended until 2030.

“Currently, with the birth of a third child, the state reimburses part of the family’s mortgage, 450,000 rubles [4,500 euros, at the current exchange rate]. I also propose that this rule be extended until 2030,” he said.

Putin announced that this year, 50 billion rubles (507 million euros) will be allocated for mortgage support. “There is money for that,” he assured, as reported by the Spanish agency EFE.

The Russian leader said that the minimum wage in the country is expected to double by 2030, reaching the equivalent of about 360 euros.

This marks the 19th time Putin has addressed the Federal Assembly of Russia. The 71-year-old president, in power since 2000, will run for a new term in the presidential elections scheduled between March 15 and 17.

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