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Ukraine responds to Putin’s speech, stating that Europe has only two options

Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser stated that the “Russian Federation is clearly expanding the war.” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak reacted on Thursday to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation speech, suggesting that, following the threat of “nuclear weapon use,” Europe has “only two options”: hasten assistance to Ukraine or continue talks about “pacifying the creature.” “The Russian Federation is clearly expanding the war. Provocations, attack preparations in different directions, militarized resource accumulation, and… ‘nuclear threat,'” he began in a post on the X social network.

“Nothing is changing and will not change… Therefore, Europe, democratic countries, have only two options,” he added.

The first option is to “speed up assistance to Ukraine to inflict defeat and minimize the damage suffered by the Russian Federation.” The second option is to “continue lengthy conversations, doubts, thinking about ‘pacifying the creature’ and, in the end, personally engaging with the Russian army on their own territories.”

The adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky pointed out that the Russian army, which “has already abundantly proven human blood,” “is growing to biblical proportions and does nothing but steal, violate, kill.”

“It is crucial to understand that this choice is not theoretical, not one day in the future, not conditional. But only here and now,” he declared. The Russian president addressed the Federal Assembly of Russia today, stating that the NATO transatlantic alliance “is preparing to attack” Russian territory and will use “the best and most effective forces” to do so.

“But we remember the fate of those who tried to invade our territory, and of course, their fate will be much more tragic than anything we may face,” he said.

“They have to understand that we also have weapons. Weapons that can defeat them on their own territory, and of course, all of this is very dangerous because it can effectively trigger the use of nuclear weapons. Do they not understand that?” he questioned, adding that “strategic nuclear forces are on high alert.”

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