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“Low Democratic Engagement in Israel, Growing Friction Between Biden and Prime Minister, and Enigmatic ‘SIMs Signs'”

In Israel, where the aftermath of the traumatic events on October 7 and subsequent war continue to resonate, there is a notable disengagement from democratic processes. Despite the significance of local elections, many citizens chose not to participate. Over the past year, extensive protests erupted in response to the Netanyahu coalition’s announced plans to undermine the independent court system.

Hundreds of thousands voiced their concerns, emphasizing that the coalition lacked the mandate to disrupt the delicate balance of power between the elected majority and the judiciary—a crucial safeguard against anti-democratic actions by the political leadership.

The sustained protests persisted until October 7, when Hamas launched an invasion in southern Israel, leading to widespread casualties and war. Hezbollah also initiated a second front on the northern border, prompting the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists. Although a period of calm ensued, recent weeks have seen the revival of protests, this time focused on demanding immediate general elections.


The renewed demonstrations reflect dissatisfaction with the government’s pre-October 7 strategy of appeasing Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to acknowledge responsibility for the failure to prevent the Hamas onslaught, and overall governmental dysfunction in managing the war’s impact on the populace.


Criticisms include the coalition’s persistence in excluding the ultra-Orthodox community from military service despite the IDF’s need for recruits. Issues such as handling hostage release efforts have also contributed to the discontent. Recent protests, reminiscent of pre-war times, have faced confrontations with mounted police and water cannons.

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