The parent of a solitary soldier who lost their life in a stabbing incident in Jerusalem is running for a seat in the Georgia state Senate

The father from the Atlanta area, whose Israeli soldier daughter lost her life in a Jerusalem stabbing attack, is now running for a seat in the Georgia state Senate. David Lubin, a general contractor, is challenging the Democratic incumbent, Sen.


Sally Harrell, in the May primary due to her failure to support H.B. 30, a bill aimed at combating antisemitism. Harrell abstained from voting on the bill, which passed on January 25 and became law the following week. Lubin, motivated by his daughter Rose’s tragic death in a terror attack in Jerusalem amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, criticized Harrell for her disconnection from constituents and questioned her stance on addressing antisemitism.


Harrell had sponsored a bill honoring Rose Lubin’s memory, but Lubin deemed it insufficient. He is running as a moderate Democrat in response to what he perceives as a growing tide of anti-Israel sentiment among progressives within the Democratic Party. Lubin’s platform also includes addressing reproductive rights, gun safety, and advocating for Medicaid expansion.

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